Make Your Own Concrete Stepping Stones


Stepping stones are one fantastic way to dress up a garden and if you are short on cash you can make your very own and save some serious money. It is easier than you think and it can even be fun if you approach it in the proper manner. Read on and discover just how to make your own stepping stones and enhance the look of your garden.

Using Concrete To Make Stepping Stones

To construct your own stepping stones from concrete, you’ll first need to visit your local home or craft store to find some of the special concrete mix that is used just for this purpose. You’ll also need some plastic molds and these can also be found at your local craft store. But you can improvise and use stuff from around the home such as an ice cream bucket or a pizza box. You should also gather up some decorations to add to it such as marbles, shells, and glass beads.

Use some plastic gloves and lay out a few pages of an old newspaper to keep from getting your floor messy. Using the mold you’ll mix the cement according to instructions and pour it in your mold. Do keep in mind if you are using a homemade mold you’ll need to line it with plastic.

Add Your Own Cool Designs

Now comes the fun part where you get to use your imagination. Before the cement hardens into its final form, you can use your hand (or your feet) to make it special and innovative. You can also break out the cookie cutter if you do not mind a little cement with your next batch of cookies, and use it to add some cool designs. If you have some talent as a painter, you can go to town and paint anything you like on it. Here is also where the things you gathered up to embellish it can be affixed. Use your imagination with the marbles, sea shells, or anything else you think will work.

Remember that all of the work in embellishments must be done while the cement is still wet and soft. After you have finished, you should wait around 24 hours before you remove it from the mold, and then wait around another day before you lay them out and consider putting any sort of weight on them.

The Aftermath Of Your First Try

If they turn out great, pat yourself on the back and consider yourself an artist. If you somehow screw it up and it turns out poorly, who cares? You spent very little money on it and you can try again and learn from the mistakes you made the first time. It may be in your best interest to only make one or two at a time until you are completely comfortable with what you are doing, and then make as many as you need.

Good luck, and above all have some fun while you add value and looks to your garden.