Garden Gnomes. Do They Have a Place In Your Garden?


Want to add a whimsical touch to your lawn and garden? There is not a better way to accomplish that than with a garden gnome. You can find one that matches your personality and the theme of your garden with ease. There are gnomes depicted smoking an old fashioned corn cob pipe, gnomes posed with hands on hips for those who prefer some attitude, and gnomes holding their robes open to reveal what they were blessed with at birth.

Purist Or Gnome Lover?

Those who are strictly garden purists may not go for a gnome lurking in their garden. Perhaps purists may share the opinion of the organizers of the famed Chelsea Garden Show in London, England, who banned gnomes from their shows several years ago. However; after much protesting from gnome fans, restored the gnomes to their program recently.

If you have a garden with a path that runs through it, why wouldn’t you want a cute little gnome guarding the entryway? It adds a bright touch and they come in so many different colors, you’re bound to find one that matches the foliage of your garden.

Gnome Drawbacks

There really aren’t a whole lot of practical reasons to exclude or exile these cute and cuddly little guys from your garden. About the only practical reason is that they do tend to get dirty and will require some regular cleaning to keep looking their best. Another drawback is some gnomes have a tendency to attract birds, and we all know what that means. Yes, bird poop on a gnome is not going to go very far in getting you the garden of the season award for sure. So if you find cleaning bird poop off of your gnome stomach turning, you may want to leave a gnome out of your garden plans for this season.

Gnome Pluses

But if you are not adverse to cleaning dirt and the occasional bird poop from your garden gnome, most people will agree they add a nice touch and some people even think that garden gnomes bring them luck and help their garden to grow. Not sure there is much scientific evidence to back such as claim, but if it something works, why would you or anyone else question it? People who have something that works seldom question how or why, they just know that it works and leave it at that. We are inclined to agree with them.

While we don’t know for sure that gnomes help our gardens grow any better, but the sight of them cheers us up and brings a smile to our faces and that’s what really matters.

The Long And Short Of It

Since garden gnomes have been a fixture in gardens across the globe now for almost 200 years, why would you exclude them from your garden? The only logical reason is that you’re a garden purist like the folks from the Chelsea Garden Show in England or you have an adverse physical reaction