Choosing The Right Stepping Stones For Your Garden


Stepping stones are one of the fastest and easiest ways to construct a pathway through your garden as there is only a minimal amount of digging involved. Stepping stones come in a wide variety of shapes and materials so you may want to read on and do a bit of research to find out which one is right for you and your garden.

Types of Stepping Stones

You have some choices to make in this area, as there are the plain jane concrete stepping stones. Or you may want to go with something a bit cooler with  manufactured man-made stones that glow in the dark. Natural rock made by Mother Nature herself is also a logical choice for stepping stones as is sandstone.

Once you have chosen the make of your stepping stones, then you still have to make a choice as far as shapes.  Round, square, octagons, butterflies, dragonflies, and just about anything else you think of is available, and if that is not enough, you can chose make your very own. There are also a wide range of colors to chose from and designs galore.

Stepping Stone Designs and More

Stepping stones can be engraved with the name of your college alma mater, high school, or just about anything else you can think of. Some of them are designed with inspirational quotes from the Bible or other religious works. You can have one custom engraved to honor a loved one who has passed on or choose one that is adorned with colorful birds, butterflies, and other wonders of nature. You can even have pictures embedded in some stepping stones of loved ones or someone that you admire.

If your garden has a particular theme, you can chose stepping stones that go along with that theme and truly have a garden of distinction your friends are sure to envy. One thing you will want to take into account when you buy a stepping stone is the slickness of the exterior. Stepping stones can easily become slick and you or one of your guests could easily be injured in a slip and fall accident, exposing you to potential legal problems and medical bills. Luckily for you, there are certain treatments for stones that can make them much less slippery even when wet to remove this potential danger from your life.

The Bottom Line On Stepping Stones

Stepping stones can be arranged in a wide variety of attractive patterns, forget about the old straight lines and use your imagination to come up with something original. You just might be surprised what you come up with. Stepping stones are easy to install as little digging is required and you do not have to level them perfectly as you do wooden walkways and other types. Start with a basic pattern and then experiment with some exotic designs and see where it leads you, you just may shock yourself and discover a hidden talent that you’ve been carrying around all along. Why not get started today?